About Us

About Safeguard Security Australia

Safeguard Security Australia strives to become the leading security service provider for the hospitality and entertainment sector.

With 20 years of experience in honing the art of security service excellence in the hospitality and entertainment sector, Safeguard has blended its expertise in professional security practice with a client centric approach to service delivery to ensure a smooth client experience.

Our approach to provision of services provides our clients with an experience that not only achieves deliverables but also adds value to their businesses as we strive continuously develop and maintain performance standards not only within our business but in alignment with our clients strategic objectives.

Our Culture

The culture of Safeguard Security Australia forms the very fabric of our business and provides us with the ability to fulfil our purpose and provide an excellent service to our clients. Our culture is built on three foundational principles:



Continuous Improvement

Sam Kassem, Director

Safeguard Security Australia Director, Sam Kassem, has over 20 years of security industry experience and focused on developing his skills and knowledge within the hospitality and entertainment sector.

Sam is a hands on leader who prioritises developing and maintaining client relationships through his client centric approach to service delivery.

Internally Sam drives a culture of mindset, performance and continuous improvement for all Safeguard personnel. Sam is constantly looking to maintain and develop personnel both physically and mentally to ensure they can perform to the best of their ability.

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