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Protective Security

Ensuring your event, premises or personnel are safe and secure is a high priority to us and our accredited security officers. Protective security services are the foundation of our company and we have experience providing these services for over a decade Our professional security officers are prepared to handle a wide range of scenarios as they undergo a comprehensive training schedule to ensure that are well prepared Protective services include: Asset Protection Licensed Venue Protection Event Security Executive / VIP Protection Retail Security Mining Security

Event Security Services

There are many aspects that go into setting up and successfully executing large scale events and our events management team can assist in the planning, risk assessment and organization of staff and security officers to help get the most success from your event. Our team can help you realize your vision in events such as community or corporate events, music festivals, concerts, sporting events or anything in between. Our range of services include: Event Panning and Risk Assessments Crowd Controllers Safety Teams Ticketing Staff RSA Marshals First Aid Officers Supporter Marshals Ushers

Traffic Management

Whether it is on a construction site, isolated work zones, spontaneous main road closures or day/night road works, we have a range of traffic management services to help contain the work flow of the area. We also provide a range of traffic management services for large scale events catering up to thousands of guests that requires a high level of organization and planning Traffic services include: Transport Services Traffic Control Concierge Services Mobile Patrols and more

Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response

When an unexpected event occurs and you need a rapid response, our highly trained Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response unit can be there in a flash Our teams can be scheduled to patrol specific locations based on allocated times or if necessary be sent out as a last minute response to an urgent situation, Reliability and efficiency are the most important factors in an emergency response and our expert team of officers and co-ordinators will not let you down Our range of services include Security Mobile Patrols Hotel Services Events and Functions Job Sites Concerts Static Security Pubs and Clubs

Security Management & Consultation Services

What most people think about when it comes to security is seeing officers, guards and patrol cars on the premises. There are a lot of behind the scenes anagement and communication that goes into providing a professional level of security service such as research and analysis, risk assessment and event planning With an initial consultation to determine your business objectives, we will provide a professional tailor made service specifically for you based on needs and requirements Protective services include: Risk Management Consultation and Audit Security Reviews Threat Assessment Planning Security Systems Development Risk Related Training VCGLR/DRGL/OLGR/ILGR/ALEC Compliance for Licensed Premises

Cash & Valuables Transport (CIT)

Transportation of cash and valuables is an important task, that's why our security transport team have the high-level training and expertise to handle these vital situations. Different items of value needs to be transported in different ways, our management team will ensure that we provide secure storage and transportation of your valuables with the right amount of security measures in place based on our risk assessment so you can have peace of mind The service we provide includes: Non-armored secure transport Insured Cash Collection and delivery service Change supply in notes and coins Cash counting and processing Customer Banking necessities