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The Safeguard Service

The Safeguard approach to service is a client centric approach, we prioritise the unique requirements of the clients operating environment and provide the appropriate security solutions in consultation with the the client.

Our services include:

Protective Security

Ensuring your event, premises or personnel are safe and secure is a high priority to us and our accredited security officers. Protective security services are the foundation of our company and we have experience providing these services for over a decade.

Event Security Services

There are many aspects that go into setting up and successfully executing large scale events and our events management team can assist in the planning, risk assessment and organization of staff and security officers to help get the most success from your event.

Security Management and Consultation Services

What most people think about when it comes to security is seeing officers, guards and patrol cars on the premises. There are a lot of behind the scenes management and communication that goes into providing a professional level of security service such as research and analysis.

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